Jorge E. Moragaimg_0815


Status: PhD Candidate (5th year)

Program: American studies

Scholarly interests: Latina/o Studies, Sociology of Sport, Comparative Ethnic Studies

Graduation Date: May 2017

Dissertation Title: The Latin/o Browning of U.S Sports: Media, Marketing, and Multiculturalism in Late-Capitalist America

Chair: C. Richard King

Brief Bio: Born and raised in the 8-one-8 (San Fernando Valley, CA), Jorge grew up listening (and singing) to Spanish-Christian hymns, imagining going pro with the Seattle Supersonics, and getting into trouble for spiking his hair with Aqua Net while rocking to Iron Maiden. If Jorge had not found his passion in research, teaching, and writing, he might very well still be playing Nintendo and watching re-runs of I Love Lucy.