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The Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Scholars Program

2016 – 2017 Cohort



Brenda AparicioBrenda Aparicio

Major: Psychology

Minors: Sociology, Human Development

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Thomas Power

Research Project: Individual Differences in College Students’ Appraisal Styles



Jessica Puente ArroyoJessica Puente Arroyo

Majors: Microbiology, Spanish

Faculty Mentor: Dr. George Vandermark

Research Project: Examining Microbial Diversity Between Commercial Inoculants in Mesorhizobium ciceri

Raul-ArroyoRaul Arroyo

Major: Field Crop Management

Minor: Horticulture

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Karen Sanguinet

Research Project: Response of Weed Roots to the Cellulose Biosynthesis Inhibitor Herdicide Indaziflam (Alion®)


Diana BaldovinosDiana Baldovinos

Majors: International Business, Psychology

Minor: Spanish

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Julie Kmec

Research Project: Overconfidence and Leadership: An Examination of Student Leaders, Gender, and Leadership Experiences

Daniel DelgadoDaniel Delgado

Major: Kinesiology

Minor: Math

Faculty Mentor: Dr. James Hagberg

Research Project: High-Intensity Interval Exercise Effects on Circulating Angiogenic Cells (CAC) in young African-American Males 

Dalia Hernandez FariasDalia Hernandez Farias

Major: History

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brenda Barrio

Research Project: Tribal Education: Teacher Perception and Implementation in Washington State

Keena HudsonKeena Hudson

Major: Apparel Merchandising Design and Textiles

Minor: Spanish

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Deborah Christel

Research Project: The Thin Ideal: Social Physique Anxiety and Weight Bias Among Future Fashion Designers

Leandro LessinLeandro Lessin

Majors: Biology, Wildlife Ecology

Minor: Spanish

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Daniel Thornton

Research Project: Impact of Anthropogenic Activity in the Activity patterns of mammals in the Northeastern Forests of Washington State

Eric NavarroEric Navarro

Major: Zoology

Minor: Biology

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Erica Crespi

Research Project: Retention of Learning Through Life Stages in Xenopus laevis

Lambert NgenziLambert Ngenzi

Major: Environmental Science

Minor: Geographic Information Systems

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alex Fremier

Research Project: Quantifying the Accuracy of Landsat in Estimating Reservoir Water Surface Area

Ismael PerezIsmael Perez

Major: Bioengineering

Minor: Material Science

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Susmita Bose and Dr. Amit Bandyopadhyay

Erik ReyesErik Reyes

Major: Political Science – Global Studies

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Joshua Bonzo


img_0789Adilenne Villanueva

Majors: Human Development, Spanish

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Linda Heidenreich

Research Project: Support and Success of Undocumented Students in Achieving Post-Secondary Education Goals