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The Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Scholars Program

Common Characteristics of McNair Faculty Mentors




Ph.D. in field related to Scholar's major and research interestsDirecting undergraduate student research and independent studyMentoring undergraduates from under-served groups
Commitment to McNair MissionSupervising graduate studentsCurrent information/experience on applying to graduate programs
Active Research AgendaActive in university affairs and academic associationsFunding mechanisms for Graduate Students
Current appointment at WSU Pullman


Student posing with mentor

Gaining Research Experience

Scholars conduct a McNair Research Project with the guidance of a McNair Faculty Mentor. Faculty Mentors guide Scholars as they develop academic and professional skills and to meet scholarly performance standards crucial to successfully completing graduate level work. Many Scholars attend national conferences to presentations of their research and are eligible for travel funds to do so. Scholars publish their research project in The McNair Journal, with many going on to publish their research in scholarly journals and to continue their research through to graduate school.

If you are interested in becoming a McNair Faculty Mentor please contact us to learn more!