Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez


Name: Juan Lopez

Major: Comparative Ethnic Studies & Spanish

Minor: Criminal Justice

Year: Senior

McNair Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rory Ong

Research Interests: First generation Latino College Students & Retention Rates

Current Research: Raising Awareness of First Generation Latino Students in Community College and Their Struggles In Order to Maintain Higher Retention Rates.

Plans for the Future: In the near future I would like to go to graduate school to obtain a Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration and work for a support program as an academic advisor. I feel that I have to be a role model and pave the way for underrepresented minority students so that they can attend college and achieve goals of their own. I want to work closely one on one with students who do not have much information on what resources can benefit them in their college careers, as I can empathize with this background.

Experience and development as a McNair Scholar: I am happy to say that being in the McNair program has definitely opened up my doors towards graduate school. Before going into the program I knew nothing about the components in order to apply to graduate school and McNair has made me a more competitive candidate for graduate programs. I have also learned how to compose a research project and write a literature review which is vital when attending graduate school. Thanks to the McNair program, I have polished my skills and habits to help me in my transition with graduate school in the near future.