Karla Martinez

Karla Martinez


Name: Karla Martinez

Major: Biochemistry

Minor: Chemistry & Spanish

Year: 3rd year

McNair Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jonel P. Saludes

Research Interests:

Research in the Saludes lab focuses on understanding key biological recognition events using the power of chemical synthesis to design and create peptides as molecular probes. The questions that we ask may be diverse, but answers to these questions may fall within the same principles of highly selective protein-protein interactions (PPI) and peptide-lipid interactions (PLI).  We use multidisciplinary approaches in our studies that encompass the following areas: synthetic organic chemistry, chemical biology, biochemistry, molecular biology.

Retrieved from: http://www.saludeslab.org/research.html

Experience and development as a McNair Scholar:

Reflecting on my growth not just as a scholar but as a person I realize how much McNair has influenced me. Before McNair I was just another student going on about her studies as best as she could. There were times when I thought to myself, “man I do a lot.” Well boy was I wrong! McNair taught me the real definition of BUSY and time management. It was McNair that built me into the scholar that I now am. I owe all of my student professionalism to this amazing program that hasn’t just offered me all the skills and qualifications required to be on top of my game but also a cohort which I can call family.