Maira Birrueta Bio

Maira Birrueta


Name: Maira Birrueta

Major: Psychology & Spanish

Minor: Human Development

Year: Senior

McNair Faculty Mentor: Dr. Paul Kwon

Research Project Title: The Role of Hope in Academic Perseverance among Ethnic Minority College Students

Research Interests:

My research interests include factors that enhance resilience, retention rates in college, stress reduction, and disparities among underrepresented populations in college.

Current Research:

I have currently put my research on hold while I am applying to graduate school, but my McNair faculty mentor and I are working on getting my McNair project published in a journal.

Future Plans:

I am applying to Ph.D. programs in Counseling Psychology this semester, and I am hoping to start graduate school in the fall of 2016.

As a McNair Scholar:

My experience as a McNair Scholar in the program has been rigorous and rewarding. I would not know what to expect from graduate school without the McNair program. I feel prepared to take-on the challenge of graduate school because of the various writing assignments, panels, conferences, presentations, advising, and completion of my own undergraduate research. Although all of these tasks posed different challenges, I benefited immensely from these experiences. Without my experience in the McNair program I would not be nearly as prepared for graduate school as I am, and my goals would not be nearly as ambitious as they are.

LinkedIn: Maira Birrueta