1999-2000 Cohort

Patricia Acevedo, Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Steven Burkett, Associate Dean, Graduate School
Research Project: Chicana Gang Members: Resistance to Traditional Women’s Roles

Luzviminda Carpenter, English
Mentor: Dr. Brian McNeill, Educational Leadership and Counseling Psychology
Research Project: Who’s Mixed Up?: A Study of Biracial/Multiracial Identity

Cicely Clinkenbeard, Communication
Mentor: Dr. E. Lincoln James, Communication

Michelle Conover, Animal Sciences
Mentors: Dr. Mark Mirando and Dr. Ruth Newberry, Animal Sciences
Research Project: Induction of Partuition Comparison of the Side Effects of Lutalyse and Estrumate on Sows

Jose Garcia, Spanish
Mentor: Dr. Francisco Manzo-Robledo, Foreign Languages and Literature

David Gutierrez, Comparative American Cultures
Mentor: Dr. Delia Aguilar
Research Project: Bilingual Education in the Yakima Valley School District ¿Donde Esta? (Where Is It At?)

Jackie Long, Speech and Hearing Sciences
Mentors: Dr. Jeanne Johnson and Dr. Carla Jones, Speech and Hearing Sciences
Research Project: Receptive Language in Children with Developmental Apraxia of Speech

Guillermo Macias, Business Administration

Cecilia Martinez, Political Science and Comparative American Cultures
Mentor: Dr. Jose Alamillo, Comparative American Cultures
Research Project: In the USA, It’s English or Adios Amigo

Jacqueline Martinez
Mentor: Dr. Kelly Ervin, Comparative American Cultures
Research Project: A Comparison of Academic Motivation and Intra-Group Conflict Between US Born and Foreign Born Chicana/Latinas in the Upward Bound Program

Erica Matthews, Anthropology
Mentor: Dr. Yolanda Flores-Niemann, Comparative American Cultures
Research Project: The Role of Stereotype Internalization in Defining Who is “In” Among Black Students Predominantly White Institutions

Hsueh-Ping Meier, Apparel Merchandising and Textiles
Mentor: Dr. Carol Salusso, Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design
Research Project: Illustrating 3-D Apparel Design Through Linking Multiple CAD Programs

Sylvia Mendez, Economics
Mentor: Dr. Fred Inaba, Economics
Research Project: An Economic Analysis and Study of the Ocean Liner Shipping Industry in Response to the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 1998
PhD, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, University of Kansas, 2007

Dekra Mitchell, Human Resources
Mentor: Dr.Praveen Parboteeah, Business
Research Project: National Culture and Individual Ethics: A Cross-National Comparison

Alma Montes de Oca, Comparative American Cultures
Mentor: Dr. Shelli Fowler
Research Project: Exploring Ramifications of Immunization and Naturalization Service Raids on Female Agricultural Workers in the Yakima Valley

Dayla Randolph, Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Craig Parks, Psychology
Research Project: Worker Response to Change in the Workplace
PhD, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Northern Illinois University, 2008

Evelia Sandoval, Biology
Mentor: Dr. David Moffett and Dr. Stacia Moffett, Biological Sciences
Research Project: Control of the Gut Muscle of the Tobacco Hornworm Manduca Sexta by Nitric Oxide and Serotonin

Freedom Siyam, History, Comparative American Cultures

Clyde Washington, Chemical Engineering
Mentors: Dr. William Thomson, Chemical Engineering
Research Project: Hexene Isomerization for Characterization of Catalyst