2005-2006 Cohort

Raul Abrego, Criminal Justice
Mentor: Faith Lutze, Criminal Justice
Status: Criminal Justice, Masters Program (Graduated 2009) University of Arizona
Mary Capiral, Civil Engineering
Mentor: George Mount, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Status: Environmental Engineering, Masters Program (Graduated 2009) Washington State University
Judith Chapar, Women’s Studies
Mentor: Yolanda Flores Niemann, Comparative Ethnic Studies
Status: Social Work, Masters Program (Graduated 2010) Eastern Washington University
Lupe Contreras, Comparative Ethnic Studies
Mentor: Jose Alamillo, Comparative Ethnic Studies
Christina Hardy, Political Science
Mentor: Alex Tan, Communication
Status: Marketing & Communications, Masters Program (Graduated 2008) Howard University
Pedro Hernandez, Spanish
Mentor: Francisco Manzo Robledo, Foreign Languages and Cultures
Status: Spanish, Masters Program (Graduated 2008) Washington State University
James Keen, Management Information Systems
Mentor: Kent Marett, Management Information Systems
Heather Magana, Women’s Studies
Mentor: Carmen Lugo Lugo, Comparative Ethnic Studies
Status: Social Work, Masters Program (In Progress) Eastern Washington University
Nicole McClendon, Psychology
Mentor: Paula Groves Price, Teaching & Learning
Rita Nelson, Accounting, Philosophy
Mentors: Abigail Gosselin, Michael Myers, Philosophy
Caryn Ragin, Communication
Mentor: Stacey Hust, Communication
Status: Law, Masters Program (Graduated 2012) Ohio State University
Charles Snyder, Anthopology
Mentor: Andrew Duff, Anthropology
Irma Tapia, Zoology
Mentor: Ruth Newberry, Animal Science
Status: Natural Resource Ecology & Management, Masters Program (Graduated 2009) Iowa State University