2007-2008 Cohort

Johnathan Broady, Biology
Mentor: Dr. Derek McLean, Animal Sciences

Research Project: Spermatogonial Stem Cells: Transfection via electroporation

Citadel Cabasag, Biochemistry
Mentor: Dr. Eric Shelden, Microbiology

Research Project: Differential Response in Cardiac Muscle Development and Stress Dependent Mechanisms in Zebrafish Exposed to Ethanol

Status: Epidemiology, PhD Program (In Progress)

University of California, Irvine

Jayme Crumpton, Comparative Ethnic Studies
Mentor: Dr. Sarah Hentges, Comparative Ethnic Studies

Research Project: It’s Time to Start Pointing the Finger at the Problem and Not Each Other: The Future of Coalition Building Between African American and Latino/a Students on College Campuses

Jason Dunbar, Criminal Justice
Mentor: Dr. Martha Cottam, Political Science

Research Project: Military Industrial Complex

Status: Political Science, PhD Program (In Progress)

Washington State University

Ciera Graham, Sociology
Mentor: Dr. Julie Kmec, Sociology

Research Project: Attitudes and Perception of College Students towards African American Single Mothers

Status: Sociology, PhD, (Graduated, Spring 2015)

University of Cincinnati  

Misty Green, Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Michael Steele, Psychology

Research Project: Examining the Relationship between Pet Ownership and Human Health

Status: Counseling Psychology, PhD Program (In Progress)

Northern Arizona University

Kendra Henry, Political Science
Mentor: Dr. Pamela Bettis, Cultural Studies and Social Thought

Research Project: Biracial Students’ Understandings of Their Lives in a Predominantly White Institution

Status: Educational Policy, Masters Program (In Progress)

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee 

Alyssa Hesselroth, Elementary Education
Mentor: Dr. Patricia Mainella, Education

Research Project: Access and Success for All: An Analysis of Access to Print in Schools of Varying Socioeconomic Status

Status: Language & Literacy, Masters Program (Graduated 2011)

University of Georgia

Malinda Lattin, Anthropology
Mentor: Dr. William Andrefsky, Anthropology

Research Project: Raw Materials and Projectile Points from the Birch Creek Archeological Site in Eastern Oregon

Status: Anthropology, Masters Program (Graduated 2011)

University of Colorado Boulder 

Jaimee Mayfield, Communication
Mentor: Dr. Stacey Hust, Communication

Status: Communication & Marketing, Masters Program (Graduated 2011)

Michigan State University

Julie Russell, History
Mentor: David Coon, History

Research Project: Washington State K-12 Public Education Policy for History and Social Studies Curriculum

Status: History & Educational Leadership Masters Program (Graduated 2012 & 2013)

Eastern Washington University

Danielle Smith, Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Paul Whitney, Psychology

Research Project: Assessment of Risky Decision Making

Renee Steppe, Sociology
Mentor: Dr. Carol Salusso, Apparel, Merchandising and Interior Design

Research Project: Does Exercise Positively Enhance Body Satisfaction?

Status: Counseling, Masters Program (Graduated 2011)

Washington State University