Tillie Torpey

Tillie Keyonnie “khwist ha tar’i`m” Torpey


Name: Tillie Keyonnie “khwist ha tar’i’m” Torpey

Major: Elementary Education with ELL Endorsement

Year: Senior

McNair Faculty Mentor: Dr. Paula Groves Price

Research Interests: Indigenous Methodologies with an emphasis on education, language and culture preservation and revitalization.

Current Research:

  • Aside from the research project that I have conducted my first year as a McNair scholar, I have been trying to identify where I want to go in my research field, while also learning about the field and learning about where my passions lie. Since then, I have not conducted any research, but I try to edit my paper here and there and participate in as many research opportunities I can including, conferences, workshops, jobs, etc.

 Plans for the Future:

My plan for the future is to either go for my MA in native education administration and/or earn my Ph.D. in indigenous methodologies, specializing in language revitalization. Aside from my academics I plan to eventually get married, continue in growing my family and to make a difference for my home community and other native communities in preserving and growing our understanding of cultural knowledge, while also starting lots of youth programs to reduce the many issues that affect them.

 Experience and development as a McNair Scholar:

My experience with the McNair program has been really great. Major accomplishments that I got from the program was finding where my passions lie and knowing what I truly want to do with my life. On top of that, the program greatly assisted me in my professional development in strengthening my writing skills, what I need to prepare for when applying to graduate school, skills of a graduate student, and participating in conferences. These main skills McNair has assisted me with are ones just coming straight off my head, there are many smaller pertinent skills that they have taught me. I think one important factor of experience and development is the people we have been able to meet in the program, such as Raymond, Herrera, Don Asher, the many graduate students and our cohort; our cohort being the most important because they are like minded in our experience of being in the program and provide great support.


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