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The Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Scholars Program

anayaGerardo Anaya
Major: Hospitality Business Management
Mentor: Dr. Dogan Gursoy
Status: PhD in Hospitality & Tourism Management at Purdue University (In Progress)

bufordRia Buford
Major: Communication
Mentor: Dr. Robert Eddy
Status: MA in Rhetoric at Carnegie Mellon University (2014)

collinsTiana Collins
Majors: Psychology, & Neuroscience
Mentor: Dr. Kelly Ward
Status: MA in Educational Leadership at Washington State University (2015)

duran_jackie2012Jhoana Duran
Major: Global Politics
Mentor: Dr. Martha L. Cottam
Status: MA in Political Science at Washington State University (2015)

galeanaGerardo Galeana
Majors: Political Science; History
Mentor: Dr. Julie Kmec
Status: Masters Program in Sociology at Texas State University, Student Affairs in Higher Education

mariscalJanette Mariscal
Majors: Psychology, & Human Development
Mentor: Dr. Craig Parks
Status: PhD in Psychology Higher Education at University of Arizona (2014)

martinezRicardo Martinez
Major: Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Matt Bumpus
Human Development

mejia_eduardo2012Eduardo Mejia
Major: Criminal Justice
Mentor: Dr. Nicholas P. Lovrich
Status: Masters Program in Political Science Criminal Justice at the University of Central Florida

olaCindy Ola
Major: Human Development
Mentor: Dr. Jenifer McGuire
Status: Masters Program in School Counseling at University of Washington

ongStella Mae Ong
Major: Speech and Hearing Sciences
Mentor: Dr. Ella Inglebret

Speech and Hearing Sciences

puenteVeronica Puente
Major: Communication
Mentor: Dr. Selena Castro
Status: Masters Program in Pathways to Student Success (PASS) Communication & Organizational Leadership at Columbia University


quezada_evelyn2012Evelyn Quezada
Major: English
Mentor: Dr. Olusola Adesope
Status: PhD Program (In Progress) in Educational Psychology Educational Policy Management at Harvard University

reyna_lourdes2012Lourdes Reyna
Majors: Sociology, & Criminal Justice
Mentor: Dr. Lisa McIntyre


sanchezLaura Sanchez
Major: Human Development
Mentor: Dr. Tom Power
Status: PhD in Human Development & Family Studies (In progress) at Purdue University

sanchez sanchezAdriana Sanchez-Sanchez
Majors: Management and Operations
Mentor: Dr. Paula Groves Price
Status: Masters in Cultural Studies & Social Thought at the Teachers College at Columbia University (2013)

velazquezNohely Velasquez
Major: Human Development; Spanish
Mentor: Dr. Pamela Bettis

Teaching and Learning

vidrioMargarita Vidrio
Major: Mathematics
Mentor: Dr. Sandy Cooper
Status: PhD in Mathematics & Science Education (In Progress) at Washington State University

whiteFrancesca White
Majors: Genetic Cell Biology, & Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Brian Kemp

Biology, Anthropology

yearoutMorgan Yearout
Major: Hospitality Business Management
Mentor: Dr. Dennis Reynolds

Hospitality Business Management