2012-2013 Cohort

Vanessa Delgado

Vanessa Delgado, MA

Major: Sociology

Research Project: Domestic Violence Does Not Discriminate…Or Does It?: Domestic Violence Services for Latina Women

Mentor: Dr. Linda Heidenreich
Department: Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies

PhD Program: Sociology, University of California, Irvine (In progress)

Cassandra Howard

Cassandra Howard, MS

Majors: Psychology, Sociology

Research Project: Analyzing the Portrayal of Masculinity and Ethnicity among the Hawaiian Paniolo Dress

Mentor: Dr. Linda Arthur Bradley
Department: Apparel, Merchandising, Design, and Textiles

MS Program: Design and Merchandising, Colorado State University
Thesis Title: Understanding College Students’ Compulsive Buying Tendencies Across Shopping Channels: Psychological, Affective, And Social Perspectives.

Annette Perales

Annette Perales, PhD

Major: Psychology

Research Project: Parent-Child communication and College Adjustment

Mentor: Dr. Matthew Bumpus
Department: Human Development

Ph.D. Program: Counselor Education and Supervision, Western Michigan University (In progress)
MA Program: Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Gonzaga University

Research Experience:
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Jeanette Perales

Jeanette Perales, MA

Major: Psychology

Research Project: Foster Youth in College and Associative Factors of College Success

Mentor: Dr. Olusola Adescope
Department: Educational Psychology

PhD Program: Counselor Education and Supervision at Western Michigan University (In progress)
MA Program: Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Gonzaga University

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Sarah Point-Moore

Sarah Point-Moore, MA

Major: Psychology

Research interests: Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in Students

Mentor: Dr. Lisa Carloye
Department: Biological Sciences

MA Program: Counseling, Western Washington University

Karina Silva

Karina Silva Garcia, PhD

Majors: Human Development, Spanish

Research Interests: Childhood obesity prevention in undeserved communities; parental influences on children’s eating habits

Mentor: Dr. Thomas Power
Department: Human Development and Prevention Sciences

PhD Program: Prevention Sciences, Washington State University (2020)
MA Program: Prevention Sciences, Washington State University