2013-2014 Cohort

Rodrigo BonillaRodrigo Bonilla

Majors: Agriculture Business Economics & Spanish

Research Project: The Factors that Influence Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

Mentor: Dr. Vicki McCracken
Department: Economic Sciences

Brian CieslakBrian Cieslak

Major: History

Research Project: “In the Name of the State”: Bonapartism and the Foreign Policy of the Second French Empire

Mentor: Dr. Ashley Wright
Department: History

Floricel GonzalezFloricel Gonzalez

Majors: English, & Microbiology

Research Project: The Roles of envelope proteins UL20 and gK in herpes simplex virus membrane fusion

Mentor: Dr. Anthony Nicola
Department: Virology

Janita HarrisJanita Harris

Majors: Comparative Ethnic Studies, & Advertising

Research Project: Social Change: Engaging College Students in Social Justice Education

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lisa Guerrero
Department: Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies

Jalisa HarrisJalisa Harris

Majors: Digital Technology, & Culture and Communications

Research Project: Mitigation and Resilience Strategies in Climate Change and Environmental Equity: Addressing the Impacts of Rising Sea Levels on Economically and Socially Vulnerable Populations

Mentor: Dr. Steven Stehr
Department: School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs

Rebecca LyRebecca Ly

Major: Management Information Systems

Research Project: Utilizing Social Networks to Address Needs of Caregivers of Autistic Individuals

Mentor: Dr. Doug Hindman
Department: Journalism and Mass Communication

Antonio Martinez TlatenchiAntonio Martinez Tlatenchi

Major: Clinical Psychology

Research Projects:
Project 1: The Influence of Military Culture on Attitudes Towards and Willingness to Seek Professional Mental Health Services

Project 2: Sleep for Science: The Effect of Age and Emotion on Selective Memory Consolidation During Sleep

Mentor: Dr. Niels Nielsen
Department: Psychology

Maria OrozcoMaria Guadalupe Orozco

Majors: Criminal Justice, & Psychology

Research Project: The effect of Parental Control on Young Adults Shoplifting Behavior

Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Schwartz
Department: Sociology

Rebecca OrozcoMaria Rebeca Orozco

Majors: Criminal Justice, & Spanish

Research Project: The Internet, Human Rights, and Concentrated Poverty

Mentor: Dr. David Makin
Department: Criminal Justice and Criminology

Tia SonesouphabTia Sonesouphab

Major: Nursing

Research Project: Blogging to Communicate the Effects of Adolescent Pregnancy

Mentor: Dr. Donna Holmes
Department: Biology of Aging

Melissa TilleyMelissa Tilley

Major: Animal Science

Research Project: The Effects of Stored Donated Blood on Recipients

Mentor: Dr. Tandi Ngwenyama
Department: Veterinary Clinic Science

Kayla TitialiiKayla Titialii

Major: Zoology

Research Project: Investigating the role of leptin in limb regeneration of Xenopus laevis

Mentor: Dr. Erica Crespi
Department: Biology

Tillie Torpey

Major: Linguistics

Research Project: Čšťim: Indigenous methodologies, culture and language revitalization programs in Salish communities

Mentor: Dr. Paula Price
Department: Education

Ivan ValdovinosIvan Valdovinos

Majors: English, & Spanish

Research Project: Parental Involvement: A Hispanic/Latinos Father’s Perspective Told by Students at Washington State University

Mentor: Dr. Olusola Adescope
Department: Educational Psychology

Shanee WimberlyShanee Wimberly

Major: Psychology

Research Project: Relationship between Leadership and Resiliency and the Moderating Effect of Proactive Personality: Implications on Disadvantaged Populations

Mentor: Dr. John Kalu Osiri
Department: Management Information Systems