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The Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Scholars Program

2002-2003 Cohort

Ryan Barnes, Neuroscience, Spanish Mentor: Dr. Robert Speth, Veterinary and Comparative Anatomy, Pharmacology and Physiology (VCAPP) Status: Medicine, MD (Graduated 2009) University of Washington Chris Baugh, Architecture Mentor: Dr. Michael Owen, Architecture Status: Architecture, Master’s Program (Graduated 2006) Washington State University, Spokane
Laura Brett, Education Mentor: Dr. Gerdean Tan, Teaching and Learning Tiffany Brinkley, Management Information Systems Mentor: Dr. K.D. Joshi, Accounting, Information Systems and Business Law Status: Business Administration, Masters Program (Graduated 2006) Washington State University


Alice Chavez, Education, Spanish Mentor: Dr. Barbara Monroe, English


Sheri Dover, Biology Mentor: Dr. Tim Paulitz, United States Department of Agriculture, Plant Pathology Trina Gayles, Women’s Studies, Comparative American Cultures Mentors: Dr. Linda Heidenreich & Carmen Lugo-Lugo, Women’s Studies


Delia Hernandez, Broadcast Management Mentor: Dr. Steven Burkett, Associate Dean, Graduate School Pagia Keys, Education Mentor: Dr. Gerald Maring, Teaching and Learning
Tiffanie Moreland-Travis, Psychology Mentor: Dr. Willie Heggins, Educational Leadership and Counseling Psychology


Madelsar Ngiraingas, Women’s Studies, History Mentor: Dr. John Streamas, Comparative American Cultures
Sophia Pereyra-Johnston, Piano Performance Mentor: Dr. Susan Chan, Music Ericka Rivera, Finance Management, Comparative American Cultures Mentor: Dr. Linda Heidenreich, Women’s Studies


Larry Stephenson, Sociology Mentor: Dr. Tien-tsung Lee, Communication