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The Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Scholars Program

2014-2015 Cohort



640A7080-3Maira Birrueta

Major: Psychology

Research Title: The Role of Hope in Academic Perseverance among Ethnic Minority Students

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Paul Kwon



640A7133Crysta Cady

Major: Psychology

Research Title: Perception of Parental Attitudes in Higher Education

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Joyce Ehrlinger

640A7102Haley Delgado

Major: Pre-Health Biology

Research Title: Using C. Elegans to study membrane composition, mitochondrial activity and aging

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Watts

Ariana Garcia Ariana Garcia

Major: Sociology

Research Title: Effects of Music Videos on College Students

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kathleen Rodgers

img_0809Daejha Hare

Major: Psychology

Research Title: Academic Performance in Overweight Adolescents in the United States

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sarah Ullrich-French

640A7084Jackelyn Hidalgo

Major: Kinesiology

Research Title: Social and Physical Participation Among Children with Sensory Processing Disorder

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Judy Schultz

640A7086Meaghan Logan

Major: Psychology

Research Title: Cultural Differences in Internalizing and Externalizing Behaviors Among School-Aged Children

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rayna Sage

640A7090Juan Lopez

Major: Comparative Ethnic Studies

Research Title: Creating Accessible Opportunities for the Under-represented Latino Migrant Community Enrolling in Higher

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rory Ong

DSC_7506Christine Mars

Major: Social Sciences

Research Title: Plurality of Perspectives: Effect of Parent Training on Caregiver Disability Construct

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brenda Barrio

Karla Martinez

Major: Biochemistry

Research Title: Investigation of Peptides as Molecular Probes for Detection and Capture of Neocytes

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jonel Saludes

640A7131Yadira Oregon

Major: Political Science

Research Title: Access, Opportunity, and Institutional Outreach for Hispanic Parents

Faculty mentor: Dr. Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson

640A7143Daniel Purkeypyle

Major: Political Science

Research Title: The Effects of Political Communication on Participation, Polarization, and Identity of Young Adults

Faculty Mentor: Dr, Travis Ridout

DSC_7515Miguel Valencia

Major: Criminal Justice; Spanish

Research Title: Volunteers and Staff Members Role in After School Programs

Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Makin

640A7100Angie Winkle

Majors: Comparative Ethnic Studies & Criminal Justice

Research Title: Critically Analyzing College Admissions and its Affect of Students of Color

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Paula Groves-Price